More than half a century of experience

Founded in 1950, DUMONA is a French company, now a subsidiary of the De Ceuster Group. The company has an international presence, thanks to its national industrial sites and close partnerships in Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, India and Sri Lanka.

DUMONA is the French leader in the production of organic substrates and amendments for professionals. The company manufactures and markets an annual volume of 500,000m3 of substrates and mulches. 

Today, the company specializes in compost for professionals in soilless culture, landscaping, horticulture, nurseries, and market gardening. It is also a major player in the market for professional compost usable in organic agriculture.

The company also offers mulches, barks, culture blocks, and a whole range dedicated to the production of red fruits.


Anneville production site

Manufacturing of growing media for the horticulture, Nursery
and Landscaping Markets.

Sauméjan production site

Sifting of maritime pine bark and production of compost
for nurseries and soilless strawberry cultivation.




The choice of substrate is essential to the success of a crop. The quality of the raw materials used by DUMONA allows for optimal water and nutrient retention.


DUMONA produces a complete range of composts for red fruit soilless cultivation: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries.


🏵 Strawberry



The composts for strawberries consist of blonde peat and composted maritime pine bark. The proportions and calibres are adjusted according to the producer’s irrigation constraints.

It is possible to incorporate fertilizers and biostimulants specifically adapted to strawberries.

We also offer coco growing bags, specially adapted to strawberry cultivation. Planting and drainage services on demand.


🏵 Raspberry and Blackberry



Our composts for raspberry and blackberry bushes are mainly composed of composted maritime pine bark (different granulometries to ensure optimal drainage).

We can, on demand, modify the formulas by incorporating peat, coco peat or coconut fibre. We also offer mulching discs adapted to different containers as well as “ready-to-plant” grow bags.


🏵 Blueberry


Our composts for blueberry bushes are composed of maritime pine bark and fractions of blonde peat to ensure drainage, aeration, and water retention. The pH is limited to 4.5 to meet the requirements of this crop.


🏵 Tray Plant


We offer special substrates based on fine coconut chips
(coco diamond) as well as specially selected blonde peat.




Coque de Cacao


Mulching helps to limit the growth of weeds, reduces watering needs, improves the humus content in the soil…

DUMONA’s maritime pine bark (Pinus Pinaster) is harvested in the Landes massif in France, in forests managed in accordance with the PEFC program.

It is an organic material with reddish-brown colour that decomposes very slowly. Different granulometries are possible.





Substrates specially designed

  • seeding / cuttings, 
  • annual / biennial plants,
  • flowering pots, geraniums, 
  • diversification plants, 
  • chrysanthemums,
  • perennial plants.



Substrates specially designed for the following crops: container shrubs,
perennial plants, plant multiplication, and ericaceous compost

Conteneurs : goutte-à-goutte et aspersion



Substrates dedicated to planting vegetation in pits, the replenishing
of a sports field or golf course, or in the creation of a flowerbed.

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